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Artist Statement

I paint and print geometric shapes to create optical illusions and thought-provoking contemporary art.

My left brain is in a constant dance with my right, the result of which are the straight lines, bright colours, and perfected details contained within my paintings.

With a background in graphic design, the genesis of all of my artwork begins on the computer. Once my vision takes shape, I typically spend several weeks bringing my ideas to life through painting and silk screen printing. My current artistic direction is to mimick and play with the way that computers themselves generate images.

My work is, in part, a reflection on how easily we are lost in the smallest details. Stepping back often brings clarity and a deeper understanding of our experiences.

I find that I cannot stop creating art. It is an impulse that needs expression, the fulfillment of which gives me great satisfaction. I invite everyone to share in my art.

Justin Blayney
Toronto Ontario
January 2021

Art Shows / News / Blog

In Person artshow at TOAF60 stackt Market

stackt is July 2 – 11, 2021, 11 AM – 8 PM Daily I will have a booth on Saturday July 10th and Sunday July 11th only. 28 Bathurst Street, Toronto Located at the intersection of Front & Bathurst, in the heart of King West, stackt is 100,000 sq. ft. of curated discovery that can […]

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Online Show 2021

Hello, I am thrilled to be participating in the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Online Show. It will run from July 2-11! View my online profile and artwork that I have on sale this year by following this link. Engage with artists, enjoy art talks, browse curated collections, and buy art from 400+ juried artists at […]

Commissioned Artwork

I can create a stunning pixel painting from your favorite photograph. It could be of yourself, a loved one, a family pet, an inspiring celebrity, a landcape from your past, or just about anything that moves you.

Your Optical Art painting will change depending on your vantage point: up close, it will appear abstract, but as you step away, the image will come into focus.

Let's begin the process of creating a beautiful piece of original art to brighten and add interest to your living space. Call me today at 416.450.5439 to get a quote.

MCA Adam Yauch
MCA  Adam Yauch Pixel Painting by Justin Blayney