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Corporate Culture Art

Over the last 2 years, I have been working with corporations to create large-scale art installations. I can customize artwork to fit your brand and help make your office a more inviting place to work. Please see my recent commissions below.


celine dion pixel paintingScotiabank pixel art with zoomed credit cards
Julie Payette pixel paintingScotiabank pixel art with credit cards movie theatreScotiabank pixel art with credit cards crowd on the street

Aviva Insurance

I have created a mix of paintings and vinyl pieces for Aviva Insurance. We used 2 themes: the first was inspirational people and the second was multiculturalism.

alan turing pixel paintingDiversity pixel artwork man 2Diversity pixel artwork manDiversity pixel artwork women
Elon musk pixel paintingDiversity pixel artwork women 3Diversity pixel artwork women 2

Commissioned Artwork

I can create a stunning pixel painting from your favorite photograph. It could be of yourself, a loved one, a family pet, an inspiring celebrity, a landcape from your past, or just about anything that moves you.

Your Optical Art painting will change depending on your vantage point: up close, it will appear abstract, but as you step away, the image will come into focus.

Let's begin the process of creating a beautiful piece of original art to brighten and add interest to your living space. Call me today at 416.450.5439 to get a quote.

MCA Adam Yauch
MCA  Adam Yauch Pixel Painting by Justin Blayney